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Anger Management Counselling Dublin

May 10

Anger management counselling Dublin: Anger is really sadness that we cannot or will not acknowledge. Anger always dissolves into sadness or grief. For people, men…

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Workplace Counselling Dublin

February 4

Work needs to be ‘win-win’. If employees feel supported and well enough, employers get more from their workforce in a sustainable way and reach company…

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Anxiety recommended reading

February 2

Counselling clients often want to know what books they might read about anxiety to go with their personal psychotherapy/counselling journey. A friend and London-based psychotherapist,…

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Bereavement Counselling Dublin Part 3

January 25

Bereavement counselling Dublin Part 3: Helping someone to die is a humbling experience. A person should be prepared and told gently, slowly, and with consideration.…

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Bereavement Counselling Dublin: Part 2

July 20

Bereavement counselling Dublin part 2: An important part of looking at bereavement is looking at ourselves and reconciling that we too will die. It’s hard…

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Bereavement Counselling Dublin: Part 1

May 16

Bereavement Counselling Dublin: Part 1: When someone is dying, they go through five stages, according to well-known psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross: the process of denial, anger,…

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Favourite Psychotherapy Books: Part 3

March 16

Clients sometimes ask ‘what can I do outside therapy work?’ Some find the practice of mindfulness useful in looking after their mental health. Here is…

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Favourite Psychotherapy Books: Part 2

December 3

The Freud Reader/The Carl Rogers Reader Favourite psychotherapy books part 2: I just love the original works by the original authors. They give such a…

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