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Body Psychotherapy Dublin

May 20

Body Psychotherapy Dublin: Whatever the mind cannot process, the body has to hold. The mind is like a child, the body is like the mother.…

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Integrative Psychotherapy Dublin

March 25

Integrative Psychotherapy Dublin: When a psychotherapist describes themselves as ‘integrative’, what do they mean? Integrative psychotherapy means a number of therapeutic models have been integrated…

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Counselling for Men Dublin

October 9

Counselling for Men Dublin: Women talk to each other, men don’t. Women ask ‘how are YOU’. Men talk about football and insurance. They skip ‘you’.…

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When Anxiety becomes Trauma

July 17

When anxiety becomes trauma: Anxiety is a corresponding response to levels of external danger. The more threatening the situation, the higher the anxiety gets and…

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What is Counselling? Part 3

May 29

What is Counselling? Part 3: In What is Counselling? Part 1, we looked at how counselling is different to talking with a friend. A counsellor…

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What is Counselling? Part 2

January 31

What is Counselling? Part 2: In ‘What is Counselling? Part 1’, we looked at how counselling is not the same as talking with a friend.…

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What is Counselling? Part 1

October 11

What is Counselling? Part 1: Why would I do it? it’s the same as talking to a friend, isn’t it? Surprisingly, it’s actually very different.…

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Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 3

July 18

Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 3: Depression, or the emotional weight of unprocessed experience, becomes stored in the body and impacts body functioning. It becomes somatised.…

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