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Counselling for Men Dublin: Women talk to each other, men don’t. Women ask ‘how are YOU’. Men talk about football and insurance. They skip ‘you’. They skip themselves.

When you skip you, you neglect you. If you neglect anything, like a debt, it just starts to pile up. What starts out as something small mushrooms and becomes something bigger.

Everything needs maintenance. Your phone gets new software and deletes old software. When we neglect our phone, we are building up trouble for our phone. It is the same with us.


This build-up creates internal pressure. Like a tube of toothpaste with the cap on, toothpaste that can’t come out the front will come out the sides when pressure is applied.

Generally, emotionally, we need to process our anxiety, anger and sadness. When we don’t, it builds up and comes out the sides as self-sabotaging behaviour.

As humans, if we neglect ourselves, we also take it out on ourselves.

Women, generally, and in extreme forms, self-sabotage by cutting themselves, pulling their hair out or an eating disorder. They attack their appearance. Men, generally, and in extreme forms, self-sabotage by excessive or no work, gambling, drinking, drug use; attacking their bodies and their finances.

Once these traits are in train, they compound or multiply. There is a phrase they use in the army ‘don’t think it can’t get worse’. Compounding just continues to the inevitable breaking point.

The self-conscious emotions of pride and shame can stop men seeking the help they need before they get to the breaking point. This pushes us to the breaking point quicker.

Counselling for Men Dublin

More recently, men are looking into psychotherapy and counselling as an option for their self-care. I would encourage that journey with me, or any other qualified psychotherapist.

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