Body Psychotherapy Course


6-day training in how to read and work with the body in psychotherapy. This is for counsellors/psychotherapists, those in the helping professions, like nurses, doctors and social workers, and holistic bodyworkers. It is a practical course covering:

Day 1: (am) The Body and Attachment; (pm) The Body and Character Structures – Biodynamics. The body naturally pulsates allowing for feeling and self-recognition. We look at how a child physically shuts this down in the face of uncertain parenting, the physical impact of this in terms of attachment styles and the formation of character structures – patterns of muscular tension – to maintain this shut down.

tree-ringsDay 2: The Psychodynamic Story of the Character Structures. A more detailed and experiential look at the seven types of character structures: the first two are based around attachment, the next three cover separation and control, with the final two covering sexuality and aggression. But all seven are built on top of each other and inter-related like Russian dolls.

Day 3: (am) The Body and Trauma; (pm) Reading the Body. Trauma is dysregulation of the nervous system from overwhelming experience. We will look at how to recognise and work with it safely. Reading the body is something we all do unconsciously and naturally, we will apply this to looking at psychological problems held in our body and where.

tree-ringsDay 4: (am) The Body and Awareness;  (pm) Focusing. The ability of clients to connect with themselves physically is important for their therapy process. We will look at the eastern art of mindfulness in this regard, both its advantages and limitations, and it’s western contemporary of focusing, with its more relational aspect.

Day 5: (am) The Body and Expression – Gestalt; (pm) The Body and Shame. Memory is stored in the body and is always pressing for resolution. Using gestalt understanding of the physical, we will look at how to tap into this memory and how its resolution gets interrupted. Then the self-conscious emotion of shame will be explored experientially through work with touch and eye contact.

tree-ringsDay 6: The Body and Expression – Psychodrama. Exploring the unconscious in the body through play is very powerful. It taps into the child’s instinct in us that has a clearer sense of what we need to do to heal ourselves. Using the understanding of psychodrama and object relations, we will explore body memory through posture and movement.

The course will contain concise outlines of theory followed by experiential exercises to bring the theory to life. It is specifically designed to be of practical value in the room with our clients.

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In a paragraph…

6-day course covering:

The body and…

  • Attachment;
  • Character structures;
  • Trauma;
  • And reading these in the body.

The body and…

  • Awareness – mindfulness and focusing;
  • Expression – Gestalt and Psychodrama;
  • Shame

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