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Body Psychotherapy Course Testimonials

Body Psychotherapy Course Testimonials
I wanted to thank you so very much for the  course. It was really beneficial and helpful for me. You provided and facilitated a space in which for me personally provided a rich seam not only professionally but also personally, like a light illuminating some dark corner within me. The last day in particular, taking a risk, not playing it safe was initially a little frightening but like a boat tied to the quay side, tight against the wall , loosened the rope and I felt a sense of liberation, really felt witin me, feeling giddy and wanting to dance, dance within. Much to process from this experience both the dark and the light. Your intuition and skill were in no small way powerful and helpful to me, for which I thank you.
It really has been a great experience for me, tough at times, but very thought-provoking which I really enjoy. Not having assignments makes it even more enjoyable. I loved that I wasn’t taking reams of notes, but instead got to be more present with the content – you have structured the course in a lovely, balanced way that facilitates personal exploration in a very safe and contained way. I will go on to recommend it to others as a professional training but also really as an opportunity for personal self-exploration and growth. Thank you again Thomas, it has been an adventure!
The course has been and will continue to be an eye-opener and I am so grateful to be part of it.
Thank you sincerely for a most worthwhile course. I found it varied, informative, experiential, at times a great laugh and very well facilitated.
I have really enjoyed every minute of the programme and a great group to learn with.  I will be highly recommending your programme. Thank you for the experience.
The 6 days with Thomas on the Body Psychotherapy course were extremely rewarding both professionally and personally. The experiential nature of the course brought the theory alive and gave me and the group a more integrated way of understanding the work. Thomas has a lot of knowledge and shares it freely and delivers it gently. The course not only gave me greater understanding of the work but also challenged and supported me to better understand myself and my own process in the therapeutic relationship and my relationships outside of the work.
Thank you so much for facilitating the course. I really enjoyed how you delivered it.
I’ve really enjoyed the course and have found it very helpful with clients.
I certainly learned a lot and enjoyed (the) sessions.
I have found the course very useful for my work. I also have learned so much about my self. I have gotten so much over the months.
I really have enjoyed the course and have found the experiential work very useful for my client practice. I particularly found the ” boundary” work very helpful as a very practical exercise to conduct in the therapy space. I have recommended the course to a few peers. I believe it’s money well spent! Thank you.
I have found the days very interesting and helpful. I have learned a lot about myself from them too.

I have so enjoyed the course, working more with the body, being more in the body and all that has come up for me in the experiential work. Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into the course and the wisdom you shared with us. It was a very enjoyable experience which will stay with me. Emma

I have thoroughly enjoyed the (course). I was very much aware of the mind body connection and the burden this can be on the physical self. I now have a greater understanding of the role of attachment in this process and some of the cues to watch for in the therapy space. Thank you for your facilitation and for sharing your knowledge and experience. Betty

I’m really glad I did the course. I feel I’ve learned a lot, and it’s fuelled my interest to learn more. Aine.

I really enjoyed the course. I had my own epiphanies because of the experiential work which is always welcome. I would definitely recommend it to colleagues. Lorraine.

I really enjoyed the training. It was deep and very informative. I got into the experiences and found them really powerful. I often think of the exercises we did when I am with clients. Szilvia.

I also delivered part of my course to IACP counsellors, as a post-qualifying training: