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Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 3

depression counselling dublin

Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 3: Depression, or the emotional weight of unprocessed experience, becomes stored in the body and impacts body functioning. It becomes somatised.

When clients are anxious, they often report ‘feeling sick to the stomach’. Often, children’s ‘tummy ache’ is actually anxiety. With depression, clients often feel ‘heavy’ or ‘bogged down’ or ‘stuck’. The experience of ‘brain fog’ is part of this.

A medical scan of the brain or body will show none of this but the experience is very real.

Emotional Debt

It is an emotional debt to ourselves. When we feel like this, you owe you, big time. Financial debt can be ignored but it doesn’t go away, the debt compounds until we are underwater or drowning in debt.

Similarly, the emotional debt to ourselves does not go away and our bodies carry the debt burden, until it can’t.

In the way that financial debt creates further problems, emotional debt creates a mindset where we are lethargic, tired and find it hard to function. We are less able to process anything until we collapse.

Energetically, our body is like water. When it is flowing, it is fresh and clear. When it stops, it becomes stagnant, discoloured, contaminated, thus bringing a new set of problems.

ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, for me, is an expression of this weight of emotional debt. The debt is so big, that even though it appears we are not doing anything, we are actually carrying the debt.

Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 3

Psychotherapy is used to begin to pay back the debt, then we can better process and pay back the debt to ourselves quicker. Like weight loss, when we start to lose a few pounds we become more motivated and lose more.

We continue until our natural balance is more restored. Only then are we open to new experience as there is finally space that, previously, the debt was taking up. Like financially, when there is debt there is no room to buy something new that you need.

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