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Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 1

Depression counselling Dublin

Depression counselling Dublin, part 1: Depression is hard to see. Anxiety is easy to see; you can see it in yourself, others can see it in you. Depression is more slow burner, takes time to take hold and, soon, it’s there but we have no idea what it’s about.

‘How did that happen?…..what happened???’

Depression is we de-press or press down our thoughts and feelings about our experiences. If our mind can be compared to a drain pipe, we push unprocessed experience down into the drain pipe. It gets clogged, starts backing up and, before your know it, creates a stink, metaphorically and literally.


Stuffing a drain is unsustainable. We can do it for a while but, in the end, it comes back on us and we need a plumber. Our mind is the same. We can’t keep stuffing experience in.

How do we stuff it in in unprocessed form? ‘I’m fine’ – you are telling yourself, not asking!!!!! – or (something awful) ‘is the best thing that ever happened to me’ – again telling yourself, not asking ‘how am I’. This is ‘toxic positivity’ and is based on denial.

A cluttered house is the externalisation of depression. The feeling of no space, no room to breath, the stagnation that comes with that, we get angry, then collapse under the weight of the clutter that won’t move.

Depression counselling Dublin Part 1

Depression is like a debt – to yourself – that has got out of hand and debt, like anything unsustainable, hits a crisis point. By the time you have hit the crisis point, the debt is big.

The cost of this debt is self-alienation. We get more and more detached from ourselves and less and less able to process experience and the debt keeps rising.

A therapist is the plumber but, unlike the plumber, it takes BOTH of us to clear the pipe, re-pay the debt to yourself, clear out the clutter in your house.

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