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Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 2

depression counselling dublin

Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 2: Depression is when experience is denied consciously and so passes into our unconscious, or storehouse, unprocessed. When it is unprocessed, it remains both active and unresolved, taking up time and energy because it’s not finished.

We like to think we can just ‘move on’ but our mind doesn’t work like that. When it is unprocessed, it is like food in the stomach. It has been taken in but we can’t digest it so it remains unprocessed in the stomach. If this was the case with food, we would get sick very quickly. This happens to our mind.


Dismissing or ignoring what happens to us may save us in the sort term but it banks up in the long term and there will inevitably be a crisis point when this is no longer possible.

Like humans on planet earth, as we don’t fully process our garbage yet, we create a big plastic mess in our oceans. In the pacific ocean there is 80,000 tonnes of plastic in it. This is an externalisation of what we do internally and this is what depression is.


The cost of dismissing or ignoring ourselves is self-alienation; a disconnection to our feelings which is our deeper core of self. When we lose this, we are ‘desensitized’ to the world. We become zombies in a sense, alive but disconnected. This is why we make so many zombie movies these days.

Connecting back to ourself can be jarring, like coming out of a dark cave after some time and facing the bright sun, but coming through that, we gain ourself, and that is priceless.

Depression Counselling Dublin: Part 2

Depression counselling is helping clients through this process.

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