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What is Paranoia?

July 11

What is paranoia? Paranoia is defined as ‘delusions of persecution’. The word ‘delusions’ is a way of saying ‘you are crazy and I (the doctor…

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Anxiety: How it Works: Part 3

May 21

In part 1, https://thomaslarkin.ie/anxiety-how-it-works-part-one/, we saw how our inability to say no causes us to be overwhelmed. Overwhelmed means we are full. This is physics…

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Anxiety: How it Works: Part 2

February 20

https://thomaslarkin.ie/anxiety-how-it-works-part-one, dealt with external anxiety, or managing our world on the outside. In Part 2, we will look at anxiety from the inside. Sometimes people…

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Body Psychotherapy Course Testimonials

February 19

Body Psychotherapy Course Testimonials I wanted to thank you so very much for the  course. It was really beneficial and helpful for me. You provided…

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Anxiety: How it Works: Part 1

November 21

Anxiety How it Works Part One: Anxiety is overwhelm. Overwhelmed means we are full. This is physics as well as psychology. When we are full…

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Therapy Supervision Dublin

February 26

Therapy Supervision Dublin: The single most important dimension of supervision between a supervisor and supervisee is ‘parallel process’. This is where the relationship dynamics between…

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Workplace Conflict Dublin

December 12

Workplace conflict Dublin: Unresolved workplace conflict turns into bullying, absenteeism, employee disengagement and departure, rotting the company from the inside. If workplace conflict is not…

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Employee Retention Dublin

July 17

Employee retention Dublin: Mental health is the biggest  cause of pay-out claims on an income protection plan, according to Irish Life. The company has circa…

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