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CBT for anxiety Dublin

September 20

CBT for anxiety Dublin: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) says you cannot THINK your way out of anxiety. Often when clients come to CBT sessions they…

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Panic Attacks Counselling Dublin

July 4

Panic attacks counselling Dublin: Panic attacks are rushes or spikes in anxiety. We get flooded with it. But the key thing is it comes from…

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD Dublin

May 16

Obsessive compulsive disorder OCD Dublin: OCD is about one thing – anxiety. It is also displaced anxiety. Displacement is a defence mechanism where, not wanting…

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Psycho Therapy

February 4

Psycho therapy: Counselling and psychotherapy and CBT are meant to help us develop an inner clarity so we can develop our lives from it. Great!…

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Anxiety Counselling Dublin

November 24

Anxiety counselling Dublin: The experience of anxiety can be summed up in one word: Overwhelmed. Either the experience is too big to process or our…

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Supervision for Counsellors Dublin

July 22

Supervision for counsellors Dublin helps develop their skills as a therapist as well as protecting them from the emotional impact of their work. A counsellor…

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Employee Absenteeism Dublin

July 20

Employee absenteeism in Dublin and Ireland costs small business €2million per day, according to Small Firms Association (SFA) executive Alan Sherlock. Four million working days…

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Employee Motivation Dublin

July 15

Employee motivation Dublin: A third of people struggle to cope at work because of stress, depression or burn out, according to a survey by the…

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