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Psycho Therapy

Psycho therapy

Psycho therapy: Counselling and psychotherapy and CBT are meant to help us develop an inner clarity so we can develop our lives from it. Great! First problem with accessing it is, how the hell do you spell it? For something that’s about clarity there are so many ways of mis-spelling what it is. Mis-spellings, I might add, which are my own.


In my own search for a counsellor, I have looked for a ‘counseller’, a ‘counseler’, and some ‘counselors’. It’s just one of those really awkward words, lots of ‘L’, and ‘e’ and ‘o’.

The extension of that, counselling, is just as bad as I searched for ‘counseling services’, and ‘councelling’, and ‘councilling’. There are so many ways of getting this word wrong.

Psychotherapy has the unfortunate, and natural similarity, to ‘psycho therapy’ which does not invite trust in the profession, or the easy to make ‘physcotherapy’. Lots of ‘s’ and ‘y’ and where do they fit?

CBT anyone?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is not much better. I have searched for ‘cognative’ and ‘cognetive’ – all a confusing mix of ‘a’ and ‘e’ and ‘i’; but behavioural is bewildering as in ‘behavioral’, ‘behaviourial’, ‘behavioral’, ‘behavour’, ‘behavoral’, a heady mix of ‘o’ and ‘u’ and ‘I’.

If you are looking for psycho therapy, the first step is to get a Thesaurus – I had to spell check that too…