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Anxiety Counselling Dublin

anxiety counselling dublinAnxiety counselling Dublin: The experience of anxiety can be summed up in one word: Overwhelmed.

Either the experience is too big to process or our ability to cope with the experience is impaired. Either way, the experience stays with us and remains unprocessed. It takes mental energy to keep this experience unprocessed and the longer we have it, the more energy we use to keep it unprocessed. As time goes by, it gets heavier and heavier and we become overwhelmed. This leaves us with less and less energy for our present life. From this, we can withdraw further and further from our life.

Anxiety counselling is designed to help us process what was too big to process, freeing us up, reclaiming our energy, and enabling us to participate more fully in our lives. Anxiety counselling will also strengthen us, repairing our ability to cope with anxious situations and thus being able to process experience as it happens so we are not left carrying it in our lives.

Anxiety and depression

When we are overwhelmed for too long, the unprocessed experiences get heavier and heavier until, like a house overflowing with clutter, we collapse into depression.

We then experience anxiety from the inside. We are anxious of the unprocessed experiences within us. Clients sometimes say ‘I am anxious but there is nothing to be anxious of’. There is nothing to be anxious of externally, we are now anxious of what’s inside. And then we become anxious of the anxiety itself and so it spirals.

Anxiety Counselling Dublin

Like a horror film, the anticipation is the most frightening thing. When the monster actually appears it’s less frightening. Anxiety counselling helps us process our fears and, in my experience, the real experience of our anxiety is NEVER as bad as you imagine, anticipate or expect. But processing our fears actually reduces anxiety and boosts confidence.

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