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High Staff Turnover Dublin

staff turnover dublin

Staff turnover dublin: Almost three in five Irish employees say they will change jobs in the next year, according to a survey by Irish recruiting firm Hays Ireland.

In a poll of nearly 3,000 Irish employers and employees, the main drivers for this is salary, perceived lack of career progression and a loss of work-life balance.

Work-life package

Hays Ireland managing director Richard Eardley said that in an increasingly competitive employment market, businesses must emphasize the overall “work-life package” over traditional benefits to attract candidates.

“Now, employees are increasingly prioritising jobs that cater to a better work-life balance in addition to an attractive salary.” Mr Eardley said.

This was mirrored in a survey of a thousand employees by DoneDeal, showing money, location and work-life balance as the key issues in the jobs market.

Men and women

It found that men are more likely to cite pay than women (55% v 38%), while more women place their main emphasis on a work/life balance than men (20% v 15%).

The majority of workers applying for other jobs, 57%, were not happy in their current roles and never felt valued in the workplace.

And of the 25% of employees who were not job hunting, almost half always felt valued at work.

High Staff Turnover Dublin

Attracting and retaining employees is more important as Dublin moves back to full employment. The above research shows that employee loyalty increases with good work-life balance, especially for women, and when they feel valued at work.

Psychotherapy/counselling is an ideal provision in the workplace for this issue. As staff and management process both work and personal problems, it frees them up to be more present and motivated at work.

Employees see counselling/psychotherapy as the key provision for workplace wellbeing. 76% of Dublin workers feel there is a need for counselling in the workplace. (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, IACP, survey 2013)

Either on site or externally, I can provide cost effective counselling to both staff and management in the Dublin area.

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