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70% of US employees do not feel “engaged” at work according to a 2013 Gallup poll. Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, a firm working with Fortune 500 companies to improve employee morale and performance, says this workplace phenomenon is happening across the globe.

He says employees are demoralized and discouraged because their four core needs are not being met:

  • Physical – “opportunities to recharge at work”;
  • Mental – “being able to focus on the most important tasks and define when and where they get their work done”;
  • Emotional – “feeling valued for their contributions”;
  • Spiritual – “doing what they enjoy most and feeling connected to a higher purpose at work”.

Conscious Capitalism

New York-based Schwartz, whose clients include Google, Facebook, Coke, eBay and Nestle, says “we need a conscious kind of capitalism.”

Schwartz applies the lessons he teaches to his own company: employees work in 90 minute intense periods then take a break and don’t answer emails in the evenings or weekends.

Profits Doubled

“The best way to produce is to not work continuously. You’ll get more done in less time in a sustainable way. When employers meet those core needs, employees perform better for longer and more happily. (And) we’ve doubled our profits for four years consecutively,” he says.

Workplace Wellbeing Dublin

Workplace wellbeing in Dublin can learn this lesson: If core needs are not met, employee disengagement, either through lower productivity or absenteeism, will undermine the company. Sustainable work practices and optimal personal support will provide the win-win for both employee wellness and the company’s profits.

Employees see counselling/psychotherapy as the key provision for employee wellbeing. 76% of Dublin workers feel there is a need for counselling in the workplace. (Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, IACP, survey 2013)

Either on site or externally, I can provide cost effective counselling to both staff and management in the Dublin area.

For a wider description of the psychological services that I can offer to assist your workplace wellness, please see https://thomaslarkin.ie/corporate-counselling-dublin/

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