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Workplace conflict Dublin: Unresolved workplace conflict turns into bullying, absenteeism, employee disengagement and departure, rotting the company from the inside.

If workplace conflict is not managed, employees will bully each other. Psychologically, squashed assertiveness turns to rage, constructive assertiveness turns to destructive rage.

Bullying in the Irish workplace is the seventh highest in Europe. Nearly six per cent of Irish workers have experienced bullying, according to an EU-wide report ‘Physical and Psychological Violence at the Workplace’.


Bullied employees feel disillusioned or defeated. They can ‘act out’ their defiance by their absence which, in the end, is an attack on the company.

Employee absenteeism in Dublin and Ireland costs small business €2million per day, according to Small Firms Association (SFA). Four million working days are lost in Ireland per year, costing business €490million annually.


The atmosphere generated in such an environment promotes employee disengagement, lowering productivity.

70% of US employees do not feel “engaged” at work according to a 2013 Gallup poll. Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project, a firm working with Fortune 500 companies to improve employee morale and performance, says this workplace phenomenon is happening across the globe.

Loss of staff

Inevitably, this leads to a loss of key staff across the business, especially as Ireland returns to full employment. Almost three in five Irish employees say they will change jobs in the next year, according to a survey by Irish recruiting firm Hays Ireland.

Importantly, with this kind of issue, it’s not the day to day of it but the underlying build up. A bit like a debt, one day it becomes unsustainable and it’s a case of ‘how did we get here’.

Workplace Conflict Dublin

Psychotherapy/Counselling deployed in your company is an ideal way to address workplace conflict, freeing up employees to be more present and motivated at work.

Either on site or externally, I can provide cost effective counselling to both staff and management in the Dublin area to resolve workplace conflict.

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