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Workplace Stress Dublin

workplace stress Dublin

Workplace stress dublin: Stress and anxiety is the biggest health problem in the Irish workplace today, with 55% of Irish employees struggling with it, according to the Aviva Workplace Health Index (2013). Back and neck pain is the top physical problem in the Irish workplace, with 32% of Irish employees struggling with it (AWHI, 2013).

But back and neck pain is just stress and anxiety somatised. That is, the emotional strain is registering in the body. When stress and anxiety is sustained over too long a period, the body absorbs what the mind can’t process and, traditionally, it registers in the back. This truth is even in our language, when we talk about ‘back breaking work’ or ‘I broke the back of that problem’.

Short term v long term

Of course there will be times employees have to dig deeper to make business gains but if this becomes the norm, stress and anxiety become more endemic and it gives rise to back pain and other health problems. In other words, short term gains, if it remains imbalanced for too long, become long term losses in the form of workplace absence, low motivation and other factors that are corrosive to the company.

Stress is estimated to cost the EU at least €20 billion per annum in lost time and health costs. And over 50% of absenteeism is thought to be due to stress. The problem is so big the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work recently launched a two year campaign on reducing stress in the workplace. Their research found that 4 in 10 workers think stress is not handled well in their organisation.

Workplace Stress Dublin

Psychotherapy/counselling deals with the roots of stress rather than just the symptoms. Providing a day’s training on stress management or a yoga class for your workplace is like a wave on an ocean, it comes and goes but nothing really changes. Psychotherapy/counselling is about looking at the currents that influence the whole ocean, so the whole company moves forward.

Either on site or externally, I can provide cost effective counselling to both staff and management in the Dublin area.

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