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Workplace Bullying Dublin

 Workplace bullying Dublin

Workplace Bullying Dublin: Bullying in the Irish workplace is the seventh highest in Europe. Sexual harassment is also high by European standards.

Nearly six per cent of Irish workers have experienced bullying, just over one-in-20 workers, according to a new EU-wide report ‘Physical and Psychological Violence at the Workplace’. Women aged 30-49 are most likely to experience bullying or harassment at work, followed by men aged 15 to 29.

One in one hundred women are being sexually harassed at work in Ireland today, says the report by Eurofound, an EU agency researching social and work-related policies. Women aged 15-29 are most likely to be sexually harassed in their jobs.

No Legal Stand

There is no legal definition or statute for bullying in Ireland currently, which can prevent people from taking action when they are targeted.

Bullying and harassment mainly come from managers or those in positions of power and can take the form of abusive name-calling, putting undue pressure on workers, singling people out or commenting on their performance. It can leave the worker feeling powerless and distressed.

Young men and women, and women of all ages seem most vulnerable to bullying. The effect of this often invisible trait can be devastating for the people involved and the equally invisible and devastating effect on the company.

Workplace Counselling Dublin

Psychotherapy/counselling deals with the roots of bullying rather than just the symptoms. Providing a day’s training on stress management or a yoga class for your workplace is like a wave on an ocean, it comes and goes but nothing really changes. Psychotherapy/counselling is about looking at the underlying currents that influence the whole ocean, so the whole company moves forward in a constructive manner.

The bullied will learn to stand up for themselves, the bully will learn to stand down, also for themselves. This can be achieved in a non-combative style with no loss of face, to restore balance in the relationship and thus balance in the company.

Either on site or externally, I can provide cost effective psychotherapy/counselling to both staff and management in the Dublin area, for workplace bullying dublin.

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