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06 Mar

IAHIP Accredited Supervisors Dublin

IAHIP accredited supervisors

IAHIP accredited supervisors have a minimum of 12 years training and experience in psychotherapy/counselling.

To be accredited as a therapist with the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy (IAHIP), five years training will have been completed as well as 600 training therapy hours, extending the training a minimum of two further years.

A therapist must be accredited with IAHIP for five years and have delivered 1200 post qualifying psychotherapy hours before they can train to be a supervisor. Supervision training takes one year. To become accredited, the supervisor must have two years experience of supervision to a minimum of 60 training hours.

These standards comply with standards agreed within the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP) and the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

My work

I have undergone this process and finished my supervision training in 2012. I work as an integrative supervisor, meaning I integrate psychodynamic supervision and person-centred supervision.

Psychodynamic supervision mainly considers the transference and counter transference between therapist and client, and between supervisor and supervisee, called ‘parallel process’. Person-centred supervision, as the name suggests, puts the supervisee at the heart of the practice.

Who needs supervision?

Supervision is offered to a wide range of those in the helping professions. Obviously, counsellors, psychotherapists, telephone counsellors require supervision. Psychologists and psychiatrists would be recommended to have supervision for the same reasons.

But supervision can also benefit other professionals working with people including: Social workers, occupational therapists, social care workers, family support workers, youth workers, child care workers and volunteers. Teachers would also benefit from supervision to protect them from the emotional impact of their work.

For a more detailed description of how supervision works, please see https://thomaslarkin.ie/counselling-supervision-dublin/.


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