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19 Feb

Body Psychotherapy Course: Testimonials

I wanted to thank you so very much for the  course. It was really beneficial and helpful for me. You provided and facilitated a space in which for me personally provided a rich seam not only professionally but also personally, like a light illuminating some dark corner within me. The last day in particular, taking a risk, not playing it safe was initially a little frightening but like a boat tied to the quay side, tight against the wall , loosened the rope and I felt a sense of liberation, really felt witin me, feeling giddy and wanting to dance, dance within. Much to process from this experience both the dark and the light. Your intuition and skill were in no small way powerful and helpful to me, for which I thank you.
I have really enjoyed every minute of the programme and a great group to learn with.  I will be highly recommending your programme.
Thank you for the experience.

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