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20 Feb

Anxiety: How it Works: Part 2


https://thomaslarkin.ie/anxiety-how-it-works-part-one, dealt with external anxiety, or managing our world on the outside.

In Part 2, we will look at anxiety from the inside.

Sometimes people in therapy say, ‘I have nothing to be anxious about’, and I say ‘not externally’. There can be nothing happening outside but anxiety can still be going on.

How are we overwhelming our self on the inside?

And, most importantly, we are doing this unconsciously or outside of our conscious awareness.


When assertiveness is squashed as a child, it becomes what Freud called the Super ego. The squashed assertiveness becomes anger or rage. And, as it’s not safe for it to go outside, it’s turned in at our self. We take out our frustrations in life on our self.

The super ego is critical by nature and doesn’t SEE our self, just its faults. For example, if we are feeling anxious, it says ‘you shouldn’t be anxious’. So, not only are we anxious but we are not allowed to be anxious, making us more anxious.

And it also carries the internalised messages we got growing up from parents and society. A good example is ‘boys don’t cry’. We are sad AND we are not allowed to be. This is why men’s suicide rate is five times higher than in women.


The super ego does not see our limit or what we need. Our collective human super ego treats our planet in the same way as we treat ourselves. We don’t care about its limit and need, we just keep taking from it until there is nothing left. Our super ego destroys ourselves in the same way as we are destroying the planet.

This process feeds internal anxiety because there is a part of us working AGAINST ourself rather than FOR ourself.

Anxiety: How it Works: Part 3

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19 Feb

Body Psychotherapy Course: Testimonials

I wanted to thank you so very much for the  course. It was really beneficial and helpful for me. You provided and facilitated a space in which for me personally provided a rich seam not only professionally but also personally, like a light illuminating some dark corner within me. The last day in particular, taking a risk, not playing it safe was initially a little frightening but like a boat tied to the quay side, tight against the wall , loosened the rope and I felt a sense of liberation, really felt witin me, feeling giddy and wanting to dance, dance within. Much to process from this experience both the dark and the light. Your intuition and skill were in no small way powerful and helpful to me, for which I thank you.
The course has been and will continue to be an eye-opener and I am so grateful to be part of it.
Thank you so much for facilitating the course. I really enjoyed how you delivered it.
I’ve really enjoyed the course and have found it very helpful with clients.
Thank you sincerely for a most worthwhile course. I found it varied, informative, experiential, at times a great laugh and very well facilitated.
I have really enjoyed every minute of the programme and a great group to learn with.  I will be highly recommending your programme.
Thank you for the experience.
The 6 days with Thomas on the Body Psychotherapy course were extremely rewarding both professionally and personally. The experiential nature of the course brought the theory alive and gave me and the group a more integrated way of understanding the work. Thomas has a lot of knowledge and shares it freely and delivers it gently. The course not only gave me greater understanding of the work but also challenged and supported me to better understand myself and my own process in the therapeutic relationship and my relationships outside of the work.

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